Puppy Questionnaire


We require all potential puppy buyers to fill out our puppy questionnaire.  

This gives us a better idea of your lifestyle, family, living situation etc

 so we can provide you with the best puppy for your family. 


We take placing our puppies VERY seriously.  All puppies are sold on contracts tailored to each puppies specific needs.  Please contact me for more info on my contract terms.


Please Copy and paste the below information into an e-mail and send it to us. If you have problems or cannot do this please email me and I will gladly send you an electronic copy.


Puppy Placement Questionnaire


Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help us to place the right puppy with you. Please realize there is 32 Questions, please answer each of them honestly & completely.  If you feel that additional information would be helpful, please include it at the bottom.  All information will be kept confidential.  Thank you for your cooperation and interest.


Your Name:




Home phone:

Other contact Number:


Best time to contact you:

Who referred you or how did you hear about us?


1)  How did you learn about Vizslas?


2)  Have you ever met any Vizslas before?


3) Why have you decided on a vizsla?  What other breeds have you considered?


4) Have you spoke to any other Vizsla breeders?  If yes, whom? 


5)  What are you intentions with this dog - Pet/Companion, Show, Field, Dual Purpose,
Performance (Agility, Obedience, tracking), Personal Hunting, Breeding?


6)  Do you have other pets? If yes please tell us about them, include species, breed, sex, age, spayed/neutered etc.


7)  Have you ever given away or "gotten rid" of a dog before? If yes Why?


8)  Does anyone in your family have animal allergies?


9)  Are you interested in purchasing this Vizsla as a gift for someone?


10)  Does everyone in the family want a Vizsla?


11)  Do you own or rent your home?                          If you rent are pets allowed? (A copy of lease or letter from landlord will be required)


12)  Do you have a fenced yard? If yes what type of fencing?


13)  How big is your yard?             Is all of this area fenced in?               If no, what is is fenced in?


14)  If no fenced yard how do you plan to exercise the dog?


15)  Do you plan to keep this dog indoors, outdoors, both?


16)  If kept outdoors how do you plan to enclose/confine the dog?


17)  Would you allow us to contact your veterinarian of past or present pets as a reference to your good animal care?


18)  Would you allow a home visit prior to the purchase from the breeder (or a representative of the breeder)?


19)  Do you have a gender preference? Male or Female


20)  Do you have any other preferences or specifications?


21)  Are you planning to take this puppy/dog to obedience classes?


22)  How many hours would this puppy/dog be alone each day?


23)  Do you plan to crate train this puppy/dog?


24)  If you work outside the home do you plan on having someone come in to exercise the puppy/dog during the day?


25)  What are your hobbies and/or activities?  Do you plan to include the puppy/dog in your activities?


26)  What is the price range you are considering for purchasing a puppy/dog?


27)  If you are looking for a pet/companion puppy, would you allow the breeder to show this puppy in dog shows and/or field events???   Please contact me for more specific information on this.


28)  Do you plan to spay/neuter the puppy/dog?

29)  Do you have any plans/intentions to breed this puppy/dog?

30)  Have you ever owned a Vizsla before? If yes, where did you get he/she from? (example: breeder, rescue, animal shelter, etc)


30A)  If a breeder, please provide us with their name


31)  Do you have children? Ages?


32)  All of my puppies are sold on contracts tailored to each pets needs.  One of the specification in my contract is that if at any time during the pets life you are no longer able or willing to keep him/her then you are to contact me and the pet is to come back to me; this is not negotiable.  This Vizslas is to never be given away, sold, placed in rescue, animal shelter or a pet store.  This includes giving this Vizslas to a friend, family member, neighbor etc.  Do you understand this?             


If there is anything else that would be helpful information to provide us please do so

Please return this questionnaire via email or regular mail. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Email: stardustvizslas@gmail.com


If you need to Snail Mail a copy of this to us please contact us for our address